Vegan nutrition in sports

Carl Lewis, Lewis Hamilton, David Haye, Jermain Defoe, Kendrick Farris and Dave Scott all have one thing in common: they have achieved peak performance in combination with a vegan diet. Does this mean that every competitive athlete benefits from a vegan diet?

The answer depends on two main components:

  1. What kind of sport is practised or what should be the athlete’s core competence? Does the athlete have to performe mainly aerobic, anaerobic or in the aerobic-anaerobic transition zone? Short, medium or long distance? Stop and Go etc.
  2. How is your body built (muscle types, muscle volume, cardiovascular system)?

Depending on these components, there can be very different nutritional requirements. If this requirement profile matches the strengths of the vegan diet, this can set additional performance percentages and decide whether to win or lose.

At betteryou we take a closer look at these two main components. Not only for competitive athletes, but also for the general public. As in sport, more and more has to be done in everyday life.

We are happy to help you in our consultations.


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