betteryou Training

Our nutrition plan and advice is best complemented by an efficient and customised workout programme to become your betteryou in no time.

Personal Training

Whether you are a recreational or a competitive athlete, if your focus is on performance, you can reach the next level with us.

Neuro Athletic Training

"Train the brain first" and learn how your brain and body can work together optimally.

Training Programme

We plan all gym, outdoor or home workouts for you and make them available online.


The most accurate method to assess the performance of your cardiovascular system.


Gentle, uplifting exercises in small groups of up to 5 people. Private classes are available.

Personal Training

Our training programme is not only functional and goal-oriented, but also incorporates injury-profiling and focuses on performance-enhancing as well. Specific changes can only be achieved with specific exercises. Quality over quantity and intensity – this is our philosophy.

You can only perform better in the long run if you target the right muscle groups. We put a great emphasis on sustainability – this is what distinguishes us from other athletic and personal trainings programmes. In addition, with us you will not only be challenged physically, but also mentally.

Personal Training

1 Training CHF 180 per hour
10 Trainings: CHF 160 per hour

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betteryou Neuro Athletic Training

Do you want to focus on improving your performance in everyday life, at work and in sports? Do you have an injury and would like to regain the security and confidence in your body again? Then you are in the best hands with us. In order to achieve your goals, the brain and the body should work together optimally, therefore, we will keep our motto “train the brain first” in mind when working with you.

What does that mean?

Your brain is like a navigation system that receives and transmits information. If your navigation system is up-to-date, the route is calculated easier and faster. With the help of some simple exercises, we will “update” your navigation system and improve the interaction between your brain and your body.

Who is Neuro Athletic Training for?

It is for everyone. An optimal interaction between brain and body is helpful in everyday situations, as well as in competitive sports:

  • Improvement of skills/techniques in every sport discipline
  • Improvement of range of motion
  • Improvement of concentration or learning difficulties


It also helps to tackle:

  • Dizziness, vertigo
  • Migraine
  • Tiredness, exhaustion
  • Travel sickness
  • Pain
  • Vulnerability
  • Tension, stiffness, immobility

Our approach

The Neuro Package covers three appointments. After an initial consultation, we use various tests to analyse how your eyes, your balance and your body awareness work together.

In the second and third appointment we will assess your mobility, stability as well as your individual strengths. Each time you will be given various exercises to practice at home to help you reach your goal.

Package price: CHF 520

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Training Programme

In order for you to use your time as efficiently as possible, we plan each workout session, taking into account your fitness level and goals, no matter whether you train in the gym, outdoors or at home. You can watch the workout videos and instructions online (via app or web) anytime and anywhere.

Package Price

CHF 79.-
per month
  • Consultation with personal trainer (in person or by phone)
  • Unlimited training sessions
  • Feedback and adjustments of the training plan possible at any time
  • Customised to you and your goals
  • easy handling via the app
  • 14 days free trial


We use spiroergometry to monitor your progress and to show you or your trainer your actual performance parameters.

Spiroergometry is the “gold standard” of performance analytics. It is the most precise method to determine the performance of the cardiovascular system of a person and to analyse the metabolism. Its areas of application include sports medicine, preventive and occupational medicine, pulmonology and cardiology.


On a stationary bike: step or ramp tests are both available.

Measurement parameters

Heart rate zones, maximum heart rate, VO2 max, Watt-max test

Price: CHF 199

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In our yoga class we go through gentle, meditative as well as more demanding and strength-building poses and movements followed by a final active relaxation, when we learn to mentally wander through our body and relax. It is key that during these exercises our thoughts are noticed and addressed, which will lead to better concentration and to inner peace.

Who is the class for?

The class is suitable for everyone, no matter how flexible or stiff you are. We practice without pressure or any expectations. The poses do not have to be executed perfectly, but each participant will learn his or her own limits and how to gradually overcome them.

Time and location:

Every Wednesday 6.45pm to 8pm

Small groups (up to 5 people). In our studio at Turnerstrasse 24 in Zurich.

What do I need to bring with me?

All you need is comfortable clothing. We practice in socks or barefoot. Yoga mats are provided.

Small groups (up to 5 people)

  • Single class (75 minutes): CHF 40 per class

  • 10 class pass (valid for 14 weeks): CHF 360

Private class

  • Single class (60 minutes): CHF 120 per class

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