Starter Pack

If you are not sure which package you would like to book or if you do not know whether a longer care with you makes sense, we recommend the Starter Pack.

We start with a complete analysis of your body. This will tell you where you stand and where there is potential for improvement. We will also explain to you how your metabolism is related to nutrition, sport and your everyday life. We work out individual nutrition plans tailored to your goals and your body and give you training recommendations. After 4-6 weeks we carry out a first success control and make sure that you are on the way to your betteryou.

That’s how your starter pack will look like.

week 1

1st appointment: analysis

  • Metabolic analysis using spiroergometry, body composition & nutritional status analysis (BIA), body fat measurement, work-life balance analysis
  • Presentation of your bottlenecks & potential determination / finding the cause / discussing solutions / individual nutrition planning & training recommendations / answering your questions
week 1

week 4-6

2nd appointment: analysis

  • BIA, Body Fat Measurement, Analysis Work-Life-Balance
  • Adjusting nutrition & training, answering your questions
week 4-6