betteryou culture coaching

In the years to come, organisations will have to act more flexibly; the much-described Millenials or GenY will provide 50% of the world’s workforce by 2020. Corporate culture change will be the key to success.

Everybody is talking about digital transformation, transformation of products and processes, topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, etc., and the need for a more efficient and efficient use of resources. But when it comes to practical implementation in everyday business life, one of the most important issues is often missing: cultural change. Without cultural change in the company, digital change will not be a success. But how to tackle cultural change correctly and sustainably, because many change projects are short-term and fail.

Corporate culture is a vague term, it is the sum of habits and customs, official and unofficial instructions and processes. A cultural change can only be achieved if we can change the behaviours of our employees. Measures such as mission statements, brochures and conferences are not wrong, but they are not enough. The current conditions must be changed sustainably.

It is often assumed that digitisation will primarily cost many jobs. The real challenge, however, is to change and adapt the working environment and corporate culture sustainably.

Of course, machines will be able to do certain things better than people. But this is not to be compared with the loss of significance as a human being, which is why we must not react with fear or misconduct, but actively shape the changes in the working world. The individual with his/her behaviour and needs is at the centre of this.

Corporate culture is either the biggest obstacle or the strongest accelerator of digital transformation and innovation. A strong, sustainable corporate culture helps to reduce fluctuation in companies and it is precisely when there is a shortage of skilled workers that it becomes easier for such companies to find suitable candidates.



The Job Stress Index 2018 in Switzerland shows that the proportion of people with more stress and strain has risen to 27.1%. If employees cannot work under pressure, this can endanger motivation and health. This is why occupational health management makes sense in order to analyse and reduce stress. From betteryou’s point of view, occupational health management is part of the corporate culture. Healthy, efficient and motivated employees are the key to sustainable economic success.

Michi Gubelmann is passionate about #betterculture and is happy to consult when it comes to a sustainably healthy corporate culture.