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The Job Stress Index 2018 in Switzerland shows that the proportion of people with elevated pressure and stress has risen to 27.1%. If employees are unable to cope with stress, this can jeopardize their motivation levels and health. This is why occupational health management is a great tool to analyse and reduce stress. From betteryou's point of view, company health management is part of a functioning corporate culture. Because healthy, efficient and motivated employees are key to sustainable success in business.

Time pressure and hectic pace shape our everyday life. In addition, there is an overabundance of information about nutrition and diet available nowadays. All this causes stress, uncertainty and makes our wellbeing suffer. In our presentations we show how nutrition, exercise, relaxation and mental health contribute to a good work-life balance.

Suggested topics: balanced diet at work, nutritional recommendations for shift work, motivation, setting goals, work-life balance, exercise in everyday life

How can managers recognize psychological and physical stress and their symptoms in the workplace? What measures can they take to prevent it? To help both managers and employees we designed workshops around this matter.

Suggested topics: burnout prevention, how to achieve an optimal work-life balance, relaxation workshop, spine exercises.

More and more canteen-goers want a healthy and lighter diet. But what does the optimal canteen look like for the working world nowadays? Using specific examples, we will show which dishes suit the employees’ requirements and needs best.

Suggested topics: the “right” dishes in the canteen, healthy food – healthy employees.

We analyse the physical condition of your employees and the current state of their metabolism, which allows us to uncover bottlenecks related to low energy, fatigue or health problems. The causes of these bottlenecks are usually to be found in nutrition, exercise or an imbalance of stress and rest in everyday life. Together we will work out solutions that can be implemented in the daily routine to equip your employees with better stress resistance, higher efficiency and improved quality of life.

Our training programme is not only functional and goal-oriented, but also incorporates injury-profiling and focuses on performance-enhancing. Specific changes can only be achieved with specific exercises. We guarantee that the time set aside for workouts will be beneficial whether your employees suffer from back pain, neck tension or whether working out is only a refreshing break from the everyday grind.

Examples: 30-45-minute workout classes during lunchtime (indoor or outdoor), small groups or one to one.

No matter how flexible or stiff you are, a short and regular yoga class will not only improve your concentration level, but will also help you find inner peace. It serves as a perfect breather to recharge your batteries for the upcoming challenges.

Examples: 30-45-minute workout classes during lunchtime (indoor or outdoor), small groups or one to one.

Mittels moderner Methoden der Neurowisschenschaften und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung lernen Ihre Mitarbeiter (Team oder Executive Coaching) ihr Stresslevel zu minimieren, ihre emotionale Intelligenz zu schulen und Klarheit zu schaffen. Mit den erlernten Techniken besitzen sie wertvolle Werkzeuge, um voller Lebensfreude Erfolge zu realisieren, ohne dabei auf ein erfülltes, gesundes Privatleben zu verzichten.

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If no canteen is available on site, we are happy to offer you lunchtime meals with the help of our partners. The portion sizes and quantities will be approved by betteryou, so we can make sure each employee is energised and ready to tackle any challenges in the second half of the day.


  • Siemens: With the “Health Safari” project, Siemens ensures that apprentices are made aware of nutrition and health in everyday life as soon as they enter the working world. We are proud to have developed the concept for this and to convey the corresponding knowledge to the approx. 250 apprentices.
  • In addition, we have already held lectures and webinars on nutrition and health for companies such as Swisscom, Helvetia, LGT, Deloitte, EHL Passugg etc.


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