Athletic / Personal Training

For many, the targeted improvement of performance in everyday life, at work or in specific sports is in the foreground. Our motto is “Train the brain first”:

The first thing we do is to analyze how the following systems work together:

  • visual
  • vestibular (sense of balance)
  • proprioceptives (self-perception)


In the second step, your mobility and stability as well as your individual strengths are tested. Then we combine your nutritional analysis values with the first two steps.

On the basis of this detailed analysis, we are able to put together an optimal, personalized training plan with a targeted training unit.

Our training is not only based on the principle of “functional and purpose-oriented” but also has an injury profile and performance-enhancing effect. Because only through a specific training follows a specific adjustment. For us, quality takes precedence over quantity and intensity!

Only those who are able to control the correct muscle groups will have more success in the long run. We attach great importance to sustainability – this distinguishes us from other Athletic & Personal Trainings. In addition, you will not only be challenged physically, but also mentally. You will be able to control the necessary muscle groups for the right movement. What’s so great about it? You can tell your friends and acquaintances why you are doing these exercise series – because everything makes sense with us.

Would you like to book an Athletic or Personal Training session independently of the packages? Not a problem, please see all details below.

betteryou trainings

Personal Training

1 training session: CHF 180 per hour
10 training sessions: CHF 160 per hour
20 training sessions: CHF 140 per hour

for existing costumers only

monthly training planning: CHF 80
weekly training planning: CHF 60

All training sessions and offers can be booked via the “book now” button at the bottom right corner of the page.

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