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My motivation is your success

You can find out what Nilan has in common with Jamie Oliver in the third and last part of the interview.

What does betteryou mean to you?

To be worth enough to work on yourself to achieve your goals. These may change over time. Therefore betteryou is not a final stage for me, but the continuous success and progress that fills you with pride and satisfaction.

What motivates you in your profession?

It’s very simple: your success! Thanks to the knowledge and technical support you receive, I can follow your progress and observe how your quality of life improves. That makes me happy and motivates me.

Could you share your favourite recipe with us?

As I love to eat and cook I could never chose a favourite one. 🙂 Salmon with bakes potatoes and fennel tastes fantastic and is super easy to make. The recipe is by Jamie Oliver.

How do you keep fit?

I run regularly, and do functional training and CrossFit to build strength. I also love to play ball sports with friends like football, tennis, badminton, etc. 

More about Nilan:

I have been extensively involved with competitive sports during my professional career. Working out the optimal nutritional solution for an athlete is extremely exciting and gives me great pleasure. Sport often determines everyday life in childhood and adolescence. Since nutrition has an enormous influence on physical and sporting development, I start there and advise young athletes and parents accordingly.

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