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It’s the people that interest me

In the second part of the interview series you can find out what José finds so fascinating about his profession.

What does betteryou mean to you?

It’s like putting yourself in the spotlight and saying, “Now it’s my turn.” Often enough one does everything for others and forgets oneself.

What motivates you in your profession?

The interesting thing is the people, getting to know them and guiding them along the way. It is always a pleasure to see when people smile at you after a training session, or when they say thank you and tell you how great the session has been. It fulfills me to help people reach their goals and become part of their path.

What’s your favorite food?

As a half Spaniard I love seafood, especially the pulpo a la gallega.

How do you stay fit?

I try to exercise 6-7 hours a week. This also includes recovery sessions, such as hiking, walking and yoga. Only those who pay attention to recovery and regeneration will achieve their goals in a balanced way.

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