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Feel good in your own body

Fun fact about your teammates? Nutrition Coach Ben reveals one in the first part of the interview series.

What does betteryou mean to you?

Feel good in your own body. To be efficient and to have a good quality in day-to-day life, which makes you happy.

What is your motivation for your profession?

Achieving my clients’ goals goals satisfies me and makes me proud. I can get excited about this and this is my very own motivation.

Tell us a fun fact about one of your team mates?

Here I would like to mention not only one but two team members, Nilan and José. If you are talking to them over the phone, be prepared for a hearty, albeit lengthy farewell à la bye, ciao, ciao until soon, än schöne.

Tell us your favorite recipe…

Chickpea curry with potatoes. Quick to make and tastes fantastic. I follow the recipe of Vegan Heaven.

How do you stay fit?

I’m generally a sporty person. I like to play floorball or do seasonal sports like hiking and skiing. The basis for it are specific endurance and strength training.

Which athlete is your idol?

Clearly, Roger Federer. I don’t play tennis. But his professional attitude as well as his own body awareness impress me time and time again.

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