The BERN principle against coronavirus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to a Swiss-wide lockdown (shutdown). A strong immune system is helpful to prevent a lockdown in your body. This is highly complex and serves to recognize and fight foreign bodies and diseased body cells. Strengthen your immune system by paying attention to the BERN principle.

Better well-being due to vegan nutrition

According to the Swiss Society for Nutrition (SGE), carbohydrates are the most important source of energy in the human organism in terms of quantity (1). The SBU therefore recommends that carbohydrates should cover 45-55% of the daily energy intake. For athletes even between 55-65% (3). A maximum of 10% of the daily energy intake should […]

optimal nutrition for the ski slope

The ski holidays are just around the corner. But what does optimal nutrition look like on a skiing day? It’s worth taking a look at the energy consumption during a day on the boards.

metabolism problems in crossfit

Anyone who has ever trained in a crossfit box knows it’s loud, fun, competitive and you can really power yourself up. The enthusiasm for the sport is therefore enormous with many and it is often trained over 5 times the week intensively. On the one hand it’s great and you can get fitter than ever. On the other hand, there are also risks that you should take into account. When looking after crossfitters we often see similar problems in the metabolism.

Carbohydrate or fat type?!

Did you know that the so-called fast muscle fibers are supplied with less oxygen than the slow muscle fibers?
Find out what this means for optimal nutrition and performance in the new blog.

Vegan through the flu season!

The flu season is just around the corner and we are prepared! Find out in the new blog post how you can actively support your immune system and hopefully stay healthy.

Attention soy!

In the legume family, the soya bean has the highest protein content. This is why soya is a popular source of protein in plant nutrition. However, it also supplies phytoestrogens (substances from plants that contain several substances). What this means for the human body is explained in the following lines.

Vegan nutrition in sports

Carl Lewis, Lewis Hamilton, David Haye, Jermain Defoe, Kendrick Farris and Dave Scott all have one thing in common: they have achieved peak performance in combination with a vegan diet.
Does this mean that every competitive athlete benefits from a vegan diet?

better weight cut

We are shocked by the recent events and take a very critical view of the whole issue of cutting weight in competitive sport.

Reduction of animal products

Fortunately, more and more people are reducing their consumption of animal products or even doing without them altogether.