better weight cut

We are shocked by the recent events and take a very critical view of the whole issue of cutting weight in competitive sport.

Since in competitive sports only small things decide victory and defeat, one often goes to the physical limits and beyond. This cannot always be healthy and of course involves risks. Especially when it comes to cutting weight, many athletes think only up to the next competition. But this is a vicious circle. Binge-Eating similar attacks then cause strong weight fluctuations. The next competition preparation cannot be started with the optimal weight. The big starvation starts all over again. Sleep disturbances, concentration problems and a bad regeneration ability are logical consequences. Exactly this leads to an insufficient efficiency on the competition day and can carry in the worst case even health damages after itself. 


Our experience (which we have gathered with professional boxers, the national wrestling federation and in weight lifting) has shown that, in addition to year-round training support, year-round nutritional support is also needed. Through close supervision, weight fluctuations can be monitored and planned. Dietary adjustments can be made at an early stage. By a smart planning the competition weight is reached on healthier way and the risk of a performance slump is minimized.




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